Janet E. Johnston
In 1985, I asked the Lord to reveal to me what He wanted me to do with my life. Almost immediately, the thought came into my mind to put scriptures to music and animate them with pictures so they could be learned and remembered easily. I had put scriptures to music for years so I could remember them myself and also to teach them to children. Of course, I thought that meant that I would write the songs and someone else would do the rest. But, the Lord had a different plan. I learned to animate and worked laboriously with my limited skills to do the best I could. One of my daughters, Melinda, helped me with her artistic talent and my grandson, P.C., and husband, Charlie, helped me with technical knowledge.

As the animation progressed, I hoped to have finances to get the music and editing professionally done, but the Lord stretched me again to do it myself. A friend of mine, Ginger Ingram Brown with The LittleFolks Gospel Productions. Inc. ministry, gave me encouragement, and then came a great distance to record many of the songs. My son-in-law, David Winder, graciously recorded some of the songs, and some of my fourteen grandchildren willingly recorded songs to complete the music. My grandson became the voice for the announcer and also helped me in numerous technical ways including this webpage. My daughter Lori helped in various ways, too.

I hope you will enjoy the many years of work done through the inspiration of the Lord.
Janet E. Johnston

Janet is a member of ASCAP and has twenty-seven published songs. Twenty-four of them are with the Wiser Family Productions (formerly Kid's International) produced by Peter Enns. They have sold over one and a half million videos, cassettes, and DVD's. Two of her songs are with The LittleFolks Gospel Productions. Inc. and are distributed through The LittleFolks ministry.